Hi everybody! It's fashion week here in Milan and people is litterally going crazy. I don't know if it's a disease or an epidemic comparable to the plague, but what I see around me it's disgusting. If "being part of the fashion world" means to be present at every single fucking show, dress up and be photographed to be published after a second on facebook, maybe I say NO, thanks.

 And Milan is basically a small province. A small village populated by ridiculous people who think that  going in this or that happening, you can feel the coolest in the world. 

Wednesday I was at the event at Spiga 2 (especially for say hello to our friends of Il Sistema degli Oggetti and see the fantastic new collection of Elisa Palomino) and I can't describe what I have seen. 

People who drank a glass of wine after another blocking the waiters, others that taking pictures to twitter, were to stifle Anna Wintour, as if she was the Dalai Lama, and others dressed like Carnival (Well actually it is...) and last but not least, my favorite part: the entrance. 

Because you know, if people sees that you know the pr at the door, then you're too cool. In fact, while I was waiting patiently in line to enter as everyone else, three jerks, dressed like the worst fashionistas, started yelling the name of the pr, waving as if they had seen Madonna. Obviously they have passed through. 

What else... as you might know I work for PIG, which is an independent magazine. So of course (because we are in fucking Italy),  except for some brands,  anyone sent me the invitations for the shows. But Chiara Ferragni, always in the front row, please! She is a trend setter, come on. Perhaps for the Veline! But for goodness sake. I watch the shows on style.com, comfortably in my sofa if this means being a trend setter. 

I am no longer in despair. I do my job anyway. And I'm literally in love with it. But if I have to lick your ass and be present always and everywhere, ciao! I do not think that Mrs Franca Sozzani had to dress like a freak to get where she is now. So I hope there is room for someone like me, just, Normal.

I hate fashion week, now I am sure.

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