HOTPANTS 1970/1976

A short image story about a garment I love during a era I love, the 70's.

1970 - United Kingdom



The first time I heard about Riot Grrrls was when I met a friend of mine, years ago. We were 17 and she had this insane passion for this kind of music I couldn't barely listen to. It was definitely to noisy for me (I am not for the pop music, but I like a little bit of "melody" you know...). But I went very interested in their look and scene...



I truly LOVE this video of this song by Aerosmith. Litterally. It spreads youth, happiness, thoughtlessness, freshness, fun, just what I need in this period of my life. I definitely need a night out with the girls... Somethimes I miss so much the time spent in Palermo with my bestfriends when we were just 18, it looks like ages have passed... Enjoy this song, btw! It will make your day less boring and sad :)


A must have finally in our wardrobe: the margiela tabi boots. I got them in grey (see the pictures below) and Fabiana in black with the heel in a metal looking material.Tthey are very comfy so I'm sure it will be my new "everyday shoes".



The cold has definitely arrived here in Milan and I can't stop thinking about my trip in Asia that will be very soon :) For the Christsmas holidays I will be be first for 5 days in Malaysia with my parents and then I will spend 10 days in Phuket, where I have been actually more than 6 times but this time will be even more exciting because my best friends are also coming.
So lately I have been investigating on nice shops, bar, restaurants in Kuala Lampur (any suggestion?) and I found this nice malaysian brand called Ultra, I hope I can come back home with a little souvenir from them. I love to discover local designers during my trips and get something I can't find in my usual neighborhood.

p.s. I and Fabs did very interesting purchases today, we will post pictures lately.



Hello! My name is Adrianna, I'm new! I met Fabiana and Rebecca a while ago here in Milano and recently they've asked me to contribute to the blog. So, here I am! I am originally from NY,NY but have been living in Milano for the past couple of years, working as a photographer/photo assistant and studying.
For my first post, here are a bunch of photographs from a classic American photographer, William Eggleston. Eggleston (born in 1939) changed the history of color photography, and seems to be a huge inspiration for many photographers today. I love the atmosphere in his photographs and his attention to details, and of course the colors! Each time I look through his work I am just as amazed as the first time I saw it.


Tavi Gevinson, that little 14 years old monster, made it again. Premise: I do not know if this world, the fashion one at least, is going totally crazy or it's just me... but one thing I really cannot understand is how the public opinion can believe that all of this is normal! A girl like her should be at home, with mum and daddy, playing with Barbie & Ken. She is original and has quite an interesting aestethic, but this does not change my opinion.

Anyway, the reason for this post was the insane news I read on fashionista.com: Miss Tavi is launching a new magazine with that icon that Jane Pratt is. Just to refresh your memory, she was the founder of Sassy and Jane, two of the greatest "teen-agers" magazine ever existed. They wants everybody to make submissions...

This is the email to do it: MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com
Anyone interested?