Yesterday night I was at home with my boyfriend and as we usually do during our saturday evenings, we decided to watch a moovie. We chose The Godfather Part III, the last one of the famous series by Francis Ford Coppola we missed. That's how I run into an amazing Sofia Coppola (I am not speaking about her acting that was hum... a bit debatable?). She was 19 years old when the film was made, in 1990. Yeah, the 90's. Also if all supposed to be set during the 80's, her look doesn't lie at all. I watched all the credits to see who was the designer and at the very end I discovered it was Fendi. A giant Bravo to Fendi, so.

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  1. I loooooove this movie. I know everybody says it's the worst of the Godfather movies but I like it no so much because of the acting (which IS pretty bad) but because you get to see these actors at such a young age and it has lots of details (like the Fendi thing you noticed) Sofia is great to watch but the very young Andy Garcia is also wonderful!

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  3. I was wondering for all these years who designed the earrings S. Coppola wears during the whole opera scene. Are they Fendi too? I thought maybe they were Piaget but after I read this post I am not so sure anymore. Anybody?