Hi!!!!!! I' m unfortunately back home. Sorry for haven't updated the blog during my 20 days trip in Asia but I' m not good as real bloggers that post live what they are doing! I have only switch on the computer to check randomly some emails and my mobile has been off until this morning, I really needed this detoxication. So here you have some pictures of my relaxing trip and I will post more in the following days. Hope you have all spent good holidays! Baci

Padre e fratello




Regret I didn't buy the "boobs shades"

Sama & fratello

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  1. Belle foto rebbysan! e il tuo Simone sembra rilassato e simpatico - magari vieni con lui in Costa Rica!? cosi surfa e noi ci rilassiamo? Pensaci... la prossima vacanza magari..

  2. I have a friend who also goes back to thailand
    It's beeautiful !


  3. Grazie Luca! SImone è super relax e lui ovviamente è già stato in Costa Rica ma hai ragione dovremmo fare un bel viaggietto insieme così mentre lui surfa io e te prendiamo il sole! Mi manchi!!!!

    I' m Thailand sick, I go there every Christmas holidays and it's never enough!