As I was saying in my last post, fashion should be art and art only. And Missoni knows it very well. I think we must celebrate the new aw11 collection with a post dedicated to the history of my favorite brand in the world. Missoni is all about family and craftmanship. That's what I love the most about it. It's very personal, italian, unique.

Ottavio Missoni was born in 1921 in Dubrovnik. After the II World War he opened a workshop for the realization of a sportwear knitted line. During the Olympic Games he met Rosita Jelmini, modiste from Varese. They got married in 1953 and opened a small knitting workshop in Gallarate. In 1958 their first collection was shown in Milan and thanks to Anna Piaggi's support they made it. But the real success came during the 70's.  

The aw11 collection is terrific. Too perfect! It's all about candy color, python, wool and Missoni classic pattern with a touch of flowers. I love the long coats and the fur! Just dreaming about having it all...

The Sunglesses are great with their orange lenses... and one of my favorite pieces is this long skirt with fringes... so 20's meets 70's...

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