If you know me just a little bit, you'll probably know why I am doing this post. The first reason is that I am truly in love with the 70's. The second is that i totally adore italian music (I suggest Lucio Battisti to you all). The third is that the three girl that I am going to introduce you are not known enough, not as much as they should, at least.



Her nickname was "Il Pulcino di Gabbro" (the Gabbro Chick) - ahahahahahahhahahahah (sorry). When she was only 15 she debuted at the Festival della Canzone Italiana di Sanremo with a song that, for the italians, is kind of an evergreen "Ma che freddo fa". Her greatest success still remains "Amore disperato", one of my favorite songs to dance some years ago.



Romina is not a real italian. She is the eldest daughter of the american actor Tyrone Power. After the divorce, her mother took her to live in Mexico and the Italy, where Romina spent most of her childhood. From the age of 14 she started acting in italian films. In Italy she met her husband, Albano Carrisi, singer and actor from the south, very traditionalist. She had 4 daughters; one of them, Ylenia, went missing in New Orleans in 1994. However, in Italy, Al Bano and Romina Power were like THE couple, everybody loved their hit "Felicità".

Dori Ghezzi is most known as Fabrizio De Andrè's wife. During her career she worked mainly in couple with the american singer Wess. Her successful songs are "Vivere per Vivere" and "Casatschok". She was incredibly beautiful.

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